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Meet the Pastor

Pastor Dave and Linda have been in ministry together over 25 years. They have served at churches in Washington, Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Iowa. Dave held 3 youth pastor positions (OH, FL and MI) before taking a lead pastor position in 2007 at Lakeview Bible Church in Carter Lake, IA.


Dave traveled from his home in Elyria, Ohio to attend Grace Christian University (aka Grace Bible College).  He graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Theology degree.  Linda headed to Grace from South Gate, California.  She graduated from Grace with a degree in Christian education.  Both were blessed to be raised in Christian homes where their parents taught them the importance of faith, family and service.


They were married in November of 1988 and began their journey of serving God together.  Their first daughter, Kayleigh, was born in 1990.  Kayleigh is also a Grace graduate and currently lives in Phoenix, AZ where she works for Grand Canyon University.  Meredith joined the family in 2001.  She loves mission trips and has participated in three – Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Curacao/Bonaire.  Meredith  is currently attending Grace and working at JC Penney.


The Holtons enjoy traveling the US, roller-coasters (Cedar Point, anyone?), riding bikes (ask about the bike trip to Mackinac City), gardening (Linda) and hiking (usually on vacation and only on marked trails).  We love adventure and are always up for trying something new.


A few things you can pray for:

  • The ministry at Coopersville Bible Church.  We love the congregation and want to introduce the community to our sweet family!

  • Understanding – for us as we continue to get to know each other.  There will be bumps.  There may be times we hurt your feelings. This will always be unintentional.  Please talk to us about any concerns you have!  

  • Time to get it all done.  We want to give our best in each area of our lives. Just like all of you, there are days when it’s a struggle to balance life, work, and ministry.

  • A strong marriage.  We are not perfect people and do not have a perfect marriage. 

  • Dave’s dad, Victor, is dealing with prostate cancer.  Things are under control and treatments are going well.

  • Linda’s mom, Jan, lives in a nursing home and is dealing with dementia (Alzheimer’s).  Her dad, Bill, lives alone and, due to Covid-19 has limited time with Jan.  This is a struggle for both of them.

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