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Coopersville Bible Church is a nondenominational, Bible-believing

church and we welcome you to any of our services or activities.

Our Story

In the late 1940s Nick and Ruth Brifling saw the need for a new children’s program in the community and that started a Sunday School with Nick and Ruth Brifling picking up kids around the neighborhood. Soon the parents became involved and an adult Bible study was added. Over the next several years the group was led by various pastors. It had also grown so that the Brifling home was no longer suitable and a larger facility was needed. One of those just happened to be the old blacksmith shop downtown. In the late ‘50s another church had moved into a larger building and their old facility was available. In January 1958 the Coopersville Bible Church moved into their new home and it served us well for the next 40 years.


Through the ‘80s and ‘90s, we experienced real blessings from the Lord. We grew to a point where we had to look for more space. Through the miraculous hand of God we were able to build and move into our current building that allows us so many more opportunities of ministry.


Buildings, furniture, sound systems, and programs don’t really speak to the heart of the church. A church must have a desire to seek and serve the Lord in all it does. The Holy Spirit must be allowed to move in the hearts and lives of the people. We pray that is our real story and desire. 

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